Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nordic West USA ?


At Nordic West USA, our greatest value-add comes from our deep knowledge and understanding of the Nordic and American markets respectively, including the ability to communicate in the Nordic languages. Our Nordic clients praise the speed and ease of the collaboration that comes from cultural understanding and trust. We find the right expertise, build and manage customized projects, which allows us to function as an extension of you team in the U.S. By working with Nordic West USA you will have one less thing to worry about as you access or scale North American business operations. 

How is Nordic West USA different from organizations such as Business Sweden or Business Finland?


Business Sweden and Business Finland are government agencies that use tax-payer money to support the initial international expansion of the companies from their respective countries. They are bound by public scrutiny and set processes.


Nordic West USA, on the other hand, is a private company that gives each client full individual attention. We customize projects so that they fit the client’s strategic needs, competencies and budget.


Is Nordic West USA a trade association?


Nordic West USA is not a trade association, but part of our service offerings include helping you decide if joining a trade association in the United States is the right move for you.

Trade associations tend to carry more weight with Congress and the Executive Branch, eliminating the issues of undue corporate preference. They are not effective, by nature, for strategy and business development, highlighting a business’s specific view point or recognizing and alerting on singular critical developments. At Nordic West USA, we frequently conduct membership evaluations for our clients as part of stakeholder strategy development efforts. 


How is Nordic West USA related to the Miltton group?


Nordic West USA is the U.S. affiliate of the Nordic strategic advisory group Miltton. We are owned by Miltton and the Nordic West Office partners.


How is Nordic West USA affiliated with international California-based law firm Orrick?


Orrick and Nordic West Offices have an open-ended strategic partnership. It multiplies our resources and ability to serve our clients respectively. Orrick provides unparalleled legal expertise in a number of fields and a global presence which greatly benefits both Nordic West Offices and our extended network.


Where is Nordic West USA headquartered?


Nordic West USA headquarters are located in Washington, D.C., with team members also present in California and Denver, Colorado. While the capital of the United States constitutes our North American base, many of our projects are nationwide. Through the Orrick network, we have additional access across the United States.

Is there a question we have not answered? 

Contact us with more questions, we look forward to hearing from you.