A record number of U.S. participants at Helsinki HIMSS

The European conference of the world’s leading healthtech showcase HIMSS is already breaking records. The event, taking place September 7 – 9 virtually out of Helsinki, Finland, is drawing heightened attention amid rapid developments in the healthcare space. For the first time, more Americans have signed up for the event than from any singular European country.

Also Middle Eastern and Asian countries will be exceptionally well represented in the online conference providing a nearly real-life user experience for the thousands of visitors.

“The high attendance and overwhelming interest are a wonderful upside of having to pass up the physical meeting this year,” Pia Heikkurinen, the Secretary General of the local partners rejoices.

The event is the second time in a row, Helsinki, a hotbed of healthtech innovation, is hosting the annual event. As Ms. Heikkurinen prepares for next week, she is already collecting ideas for a further-improved hybrid-event concept for June 2021 and the following conference in 2022.

While this time around, American healthtech businesses and policy-makers won’t be taking a plane ride across the Atlantic, many of them are engaging with Nordic West USA, which acts as the U.S. representative of the Helsinki stakeholders out of Washington, D.C.

We provide information services and feature leading innovative companies at branded events throughout the 2020 -21 season in the United States. We are also available to help plan tailored programs complete with board and executive team retreats in connection with the next HIMSS Helsinki events.

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Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Inc. (HIMSS) is a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of the health ecosystem through information and technology

Nordic West USA is a U.S.-based partner in the HIMSS Partner Innovation Exchange network, an initiative to convene key digital health influencers to further HIMSS’ mission.