Pandemic aftermath in the U.S.

Our C.E.O. Kristiina Helenius appeared as a guest on a popular Finnish news program, YLE A-Studio on May 27 to discuss the effects of the Coronavirus on the U.S. economy and upcoming elections. Kristiina's interview starts at the 27:40 mark and can be viewed here.

''The American economy moves fast. Even though the unemployment is ravaging, it it likely to stabilize and move towards the pre-pandemic state.

In the U.S., Covid-19 is seen as a natural disaster, rather than an economic crisis. This shows in the American approach to dealing with the issue.

The pandemic is also changing the election campaigning. Are big campaign events possible? Which narratives about the current situation are going to be told on the campaign trail?

The situation in the U.S. affects Finland. The U.S. will manage by themselves for a while, but it’s important for Finland to have strong trade partners."