Focusing on the largest business potential and circular economy

Straw company Dolea is riding a global disruption. We talked with the founders, C.E.O. Mika Salomäki and Global Sales Director Ismo Sillanpää.

Dolea is a Helsinki-based born global business specialized in recyclable and biodegradable straws whose leading qualities have been met with keen global enthusiasm .

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Thank you, Mika and Ismo, for taking the time to talk with us.

Good to talk with you!

With its recyclable and biodegradable straws, your company Dolea is being pulled in all sorts of directions by eager clients and partners. What is keeping you busy right now?

Well, work is keeping us busy. The work consists of continued development and commercialization of solutions with and for our very sustainability and food-safety driven clients.

The United States is featuring big in your plans. Why is that?

The biggest potential in our line of business, as well as the biggest impact for the circular economy, is in the U.S. There’s just no way around it.

Has the corona crisis affected your plans?

It has in quite a few ways. The American food service industry is practically closed. All promotions and events have been postponed. Travel restrictions are slowing down partnership talks with manufacturers and distributors.

What is the latest hugely encouraging piece of news for you?

That consumers have awakened to the fact that glue from a paper straw in your beverage is not a good idea.

Has the pandemic increased commitment to sustainable solutions or back-burnered them. What are you seeing?

At this point, we can only speak for ourselves. Doing business online has worked and made us consider new ways of being efficient. For the rest of the society, it’s still too early to know.

How will Dolea look like in the United States in five years?

Dolea will, literally, be on everyone’s lips leaving no stain on ocean or land.

Thank you so much! Best of luck and see you in the U.S. as soon as possible.