Keep the wheels turning during COVID-19

The Nordic “Gone Fishing” mentality often baffles the rest of the world. We not only take off for weeks at a time, we often pretty much close up shop as well. While we’re all for maintaining a good work-life balance and changing gears according to the season, it is not very practical to completely bring the wheels of a business to a grinding halt.

Today, businesses are almost always larger entities than our immediate neighborhoods. Someone is likely to expect to get our products and services at any given moment. There are smart ways to take a break and still keep the business up and running.

Then there’s the Coronavirus pandemic. When it comes to absences, the Corona outbreak is a whole different ballgame. The inactivity is compulsory, and it will cause havoc in more industries than I dare to consider. There is only so much we can do while this is going on.

But there are things we can do.

The wheels can turn during the Corona crisis. The wheels just may need to be your metaphorical spare ones. A period like this is best used making sure you are as ready as possible when business picks up again.

Things will likely not stay still for long. They may change but not cease. Harvard Business Review looked at how Chinese companies responded to the Coronavirus and came up with twelve lessons we can learn from. One of them is to prepare for a faster recovery than what you might expect: “Move beyond crisis response to recovery and post-recovery planning,” is the authors’ advice.

To take their advice, we say don’t close up shop. Stay on the American radar. While the menu of options may be limited for a while, well thought-out action will help you emerge savvier and stronger. We at Nordic West USA are currently preparing a market competitor analysis and a brand strategy for clients, who already look toward the return of the new normal in business.

Your competitors may already be busy sharpening their strategies. To ensure you can hit the ground running when travel restrictions are lifted and social distancing becomes a faraway memory, trust us to be your team in the U.S.

Kristiina Helenius