Let the U.S. keep on giving

The United States has enjoyed its longest economic expansion on record. Inflation is low. After a brief period of hesitation after the 2016 election, Nordic companies are robustly entering and growing in the U.S. market.

Nearly all new growth stems from the mega trends of sustainability and digitalization. They, in turn, are increasingly driven by the values and spending habits of Generation Z, markedly different from those of their predecessors. Clients in medical technology, cyber security, bio-economy and food industry are growing in niches that barely existed five years ago. When commercialized, branded and marketed well, we see how Nordic innovations turn into highly profitable businesses.

We at Nordic West USA have proudly been the U.S. team helping Nordic companies move faster, capture the right resources, cut costs, get more done. And, last but not least, fly less.

In 2019, our work consisted of market research, legislative monitoring, stakeholder relations, product launches and comprehensive communications campaigns. We organized and hosted our annual Hearts and Minds conference. We developed growth and marketing strategies, built brands, and coordinated corporate fact-finding missions.

That is what we will continue to do in 2020. As the elections will inevitably turn all eyes onto Washington, we are prepared to add analysis and insights to the mix starting with our Bio-economy Forum in March. 

In the new year we will continue to be your team on the ground, your access point to the market, and your partner in designing carefully planned and seamlessly managed projects in the United States. We very much look forward to it.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Kristiina & the NoW USA Team