NoW USA becomes HIMSS innovation partner

Nordic West USA has become a U.S.-based partner in the HIMSS Partner Innovation Exchange network, an initiative to convene key digital health influencers to further HIMSS’ mission to improve healthcare through information and technology.

HIMSS Europe, the European arm of the world’s leading health-technology gathering, has invited Nordic West USA to support its continued growth and transatlantic coordination as a senior business advisor. The partnership means Nordic West USA was evaluated by the HIMSS organization and seen as an asset in the strategic work that aims to further healthcare through information and technology.

As part of the partnership, Nordic West USA is developing seven strategic tracks that help companies take better advantage of the HIMSS platform for their international growth and business development and the public to be better informed about the opportunities of cutting-edge healthcare technology. Nordic West USA will also be in attendance at two key global HIMSS shows in Orlando and Helsinki, Finland.

Healthcare information technology is a vital component for the transformation of healthcare delivery. The global digital health market size is expected to reach USD 509.2 billion by 2025, marking a 29.6% estimated growth from 2019 to 2025.

The drivers for this growth are the increasing number of technological advancements in healthcare IT, the rising deployment of smartphones by medical personnel, and the presence of favorable regulatory environments provided by governments all over the world. In Europe, especially the German market is anticipated to witness rapid growth of 29.8% over the upcoming years.

We look forward to being involved for the education, innovation and collaboration that is reimagining health for everyone, everywhere.